Monday, 19 December 2011

OMG I can still sign in......

I've been that busy with one thing and another that I'm sorry to say I forgot about my blog, so I've dusted it down and given it a new look ready for its new lease of life ☺

In recent weeks we have found out that little Stevie is definitely on the Autistic Spectrum, we're just awaiting paperwork to confirm exactly where on it he is.

The kids have had so much changes going on at school that it has caused so spectacular meltdowns especially from Becca whom I haven't seen these kind of meltdowns from since at least summer of 2010. Stevie has been having problems when it comes to getting dressed and undressed at the beginning/end of each day.

We decided to put our decorations and trees up on 19th/20th November, yes I can hear you crying out that is far too early but Stevie wanted them up and he was struggling cos the timetable at school was already introducing Christmas activities so thought what the heck lets put them up. Here's some festive pictures for you from our house:

Its Santa!!!
(he was being shy cos he wouldn't turn round) 

These hide under my tree; until our kitten Tink goes under and scatters the lot lol ☺

Window stickers door 1

Window stickers door 2

This Tatty Ted tree topper was a bargain; picked it up in H Samuels for £9.99 instead
of £19.99 plus it feeds Becca's obsession with Tatty Ted lol ☺

Re-cycled Fibre Optic tree number 1
(friend was going to throw this and the other one out so I claimed them both)

Re-cycled Fibre Optic Tree number 2
(Stevie decorated this one all by himself such a clever little elf ☺)

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year. Hope Santa brings you and your little ones most of their wish lists. Speak to you all in January.