Saturday, 29 December 2012

Targets for 2013!!!

My intentions for 2013 with regards to cross stitch are:

WIP's x2:

This is one of my WIP's; Its a red pagoda
and I'm hoping to get it finished by mid February
This is my second WIP and again I'm hoping
to get this finished by mid February

My good intention for these two WIP's is to alternate them ... progress will be shared here on a weekly basis.

My To Do List:

These are from Mouseloft and are called
Stitchlets ... these are the kits my brother
gave me at Christmas
These have been hanging around for a while
and I'm hoping to make these into cute little
cards for Christmas 2013

These were given to me by a
good friend and they complement
each other so well which is why
I'm hoping to get them both done
so I can hang them side by side in
my front room.

This was also given to me by the same good
friend as before, I'm really looking forward
to stitching this one.
Again this was given to me as well,
not sure where to put this once its completed
Last but not least is this lovely Blackwork style
kit. Thankfully this came with both Aida and
Evenweave, I am choosing to do it on the
Evenweave as I think personally it gives a
better finish and would look better in a frame this way.

Happy New Year and enjoy your celebrations. Love as always Stitchy xx

return of the stranger

Just want to say HI!!!!

Sorry I've been out of circulation for almost a year ... took some time out to concentrate on family life BUT ....

I'm back!!!!

2012 can finish for me as I intend making 2013 200% better than this year has been.

I have been clearing out the cupboards and found a pile of kits that I am determined to get finished by this time next year. I also have two WIP's that I am determined to finish before I start on the new ones that I got for Christmas from my brother.

What I have managed to do in the last few months for my children for their Christmas presents was 3 knitted teddies, one huge fluffy zebra print bean bag and two dalmation cushions.


 love as ever Stitchy xxx