Monday, 7 January 2013

Works In Progress

Hi There Everyone!!!!

I can't believe how well I've managed to get on this week with both of my WIP's ... alternating them is definitely working towards getting them finished.

My Red Pagoda is coming along lovely now that I've re-found my love for it .... it got put to oneside as it was starting to get boring, I even considered not finishing it at one point last year which isn't a good sign. My break from it has obviously restored the love as I'm enjoying working on it again. Its being worked on 16 count aida and is slowish going as I'm trying to fill in the bottom left corner. Here are the progress pictures of it from this week:

Progress from 01/01/13

Progress from 03/01/13

Progress from 05/01/13

My other WIP is of Tatty Ted (TT24 Parcel Delivery), this one is coming along the quickest and has surprised me how far I have got in only a few days of working on it. This is almost finished, just needs the dreaded backstitching doing which if you've ever stitched a Tatty Ted you'll know is slow going. I have made a start on it and I'm so glad that I decided to do it on evenweave; the piece of evenweave I'm using is a remnent so I couldn't tell you the count of it. The only problem I've had with this kit was that there wasn't quite enough blending filament to do all that the pattern calls for; I've hopefully found a solution for this in the shape of some DMC pearlescent effects thread in shade E5200. I've done as much as I could with the blending filament that was included and I've decided to try to use the pearlescent threat for the snowballs which need to be added in the form of french knots. Here's the progress so far:

Progress of 02/01/13

Progress of 04/01/13 (all stitching finished, just needs
backstitching now)

Progress of 06/01/13 (with backstitch started)

As for the kits I was going to start after these are finished, well I've had one hi-jacked by my 8yr old son. He has decided he wants to do my ginger cat wearing a Santa hat. Thought you might like to see him in action:

And finally for those who know that I do knitted/crocheted items here is my latest order from Handmade by Stitchy that I sewed up last week ... its just awaiting collection now.

With kids going back to school this week I hope it hasn't been too bad for those with additional needs. Thankfully, we've not had any problems so far but we'll see how the week pans out :)

Love as always Stitchy xxx