Sunday, 6 February 2011

Becca Update

Last night we sat down to watch a movie and Becca decided to come curl up on my lap. Now her joints click and clunk anyway with her hypermobility but this time there was 3 or 4 of these in succession which ended in a horrible pop/clunk sound and extreme instant pain. Becca found that the joint couldn't be straightened without her being in pain so was given pain relief and sent to bed to see how it went overnight as unless a kid needs an ambulance or immediate medical attention I refuse to go to A&E on a Saturday night; its so crammed with people that it can take anything upto 4 or 5 hours to be seen, in which time she could have fallen asleep and gotten some rest on it.

She was still in pain today so off we went at lunchtime. A&E adults was standing room only when we got there so didn't think we would get seen quickly; got proved to be right! Our local A&E seems to administer help to the adults before the kids and there has been times when we can sit after seeing the nurse to check our details for anything from an hour onwards before getting seen.

I'd given Becca painkillers before we'd left but come 2.30pm (two hours after getting there!) I had to go ask the nurses how much longer she was supposed to suffer as the waiting was starting to take a toll on her due to her lack of patience that she has; was told there was another 5 patients in front of her (all adults I found out as well) so she was given some codeine to keep her going as the pain was getting really bad. I hate to see my lil girl in pain and not be able to do anything, it was that bad that if I even went to touch her knee she'd cry and wince which isn't a good sign :(

We finally got seen about 3pm and was told that my the consultant that she thought with Becca's hypermobility history that the knee had popped out slightly and then popped straight back in again causing the inflammation of the knee joint and pain that she is now in. Only treatment is to try and use again otherwise it will become stiff and to use pain relief to its max allowed each day.

Well seeing as this is what the doc has prescribed she'll be back in school again tomorrow but with a written note that she is not to undertake outdoor breaks this week plus P.E except for the swimming class they do on a Friday. The swimming will be a brilliant form of excerise come the end of the week. At the moment she is sat in the armchair with an icepack inside a tea-towel wrapped around her knee in the hope that it will help, I'll keep trying the ice pack for the rest of the evening in the hope that it works enough for school tomorrow.

Take care folks and thanks for reading xxxx


  1. oh gosh. poor Becca! That does happen to my kids a lot and is really scary. I have a feeling that even the doctors don't quite believe how much this hurts. That or the simply don't care. Give her a massive hug from a fellow sufferer and my kids(which all have it too)

  2. thank you bianca i will do. the consultant we saw in A&E was brill and understood what we were on about. my problem is the school :(

  3. So sorry to hear shes been in so much pain, how disgusting that she had to wait so long!