Saturday, 29 January 2011

is it just me or.........

.........has our Becca been easier to handle the last few days???

I know she took bad on Wednesday evening and wanted to be in bed at 7pm. Unfortunately she's had a virus that has given her a sore throat and hacking cough plus a bit of a temperature so she's been off school on Thursday and Friday. Even taking this in mind we haven't had the usual 4pm daily round of war since Tuesday evening. Personally I would say its because she isn't in school rather than being ill because when I said I was going to go in and see the teachers for a small amount of work that she could do at home, she got just slightly agitated and tense; don't think it was just a coincidence!

Not impressed with her current teacher at the best of times as she doesn't seem to be taking into account Becca's point of view when I explain problems that Becca is having. Well the teaching assistant is just as bad; I'll say on a morning that she has a painful joint but then when I pick her up I get told it hasn't bothered her all day (yet Becca's come out saying it hurts)......*rolls eyes* someone figure out who is telling me the truth please????

Becca has finally gotten her appointment for her Occupational Therapy assessment. The OT has asked for two questionnaires to be filled in, one by school and the other by me. Got the school one back and I'm not happy with what they have put in it, they have accussed Becca as having daydreaming as her biggest problem at school grrrrrrrr When I asked Becca she said she doesn't daydream she's either thinking or bored!! Well we'll see what the OT thinks when we get to see them at the end of February.

On a good note I'm nearly finished filling in Becca's Disability Living Allowance claim form YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Just got one section to fill out but then need a very good friend of mine to fill it out one page saying how Becca's disability has affected her, should be fun lol ;) We're off on Tuesday to a Parent Support group run by CAMHS for other parents who are awaiting the formal diagnosis and their children who are in the system are thought to have ASD.

TTFN take care my friends xxxx

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