Thursday, 20 January 2011

Stitching for 2011 - Update 2

Just thought I'd show you how far I'm coming along with my cottage. I'm really enjoying this kit but glad I made my parking system (see previous blogs) as now that I've got to the border where the flowers are its a constant changing of colours. You just get into the rythm of one colour and the block finishes lol :P

This is a closeup of the flowers that are
around the edge forming part of the border

Hope everyone is keeping well xxxx


  1. Looking good Heather. Coming along really well. Can't wait to see more progress pics. xxx

  2. Its lokking great well done.

  3. cheers guys, haven't got any done since i managed to update on here.

  4. oh I love this, cant waot to see more :D