Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hey ho back to normal again - whatever normal is lol ;)

Well kids went back to school on Tuesday 4th January and the busy hectic days have followed; on the same day both Becca and Stevie went to CAMHS for seperate appointments and got two different outcomes hehe

With Becca we talked about how Christmas was and that she'd enjoyed it. We also talked about how Becca felt about doing homework - she doesn't like doing it much shall we say. We also found that Becca's appointment date for the Multi-Agency Autism Team diagnosis assessment has been provisionally set for the 26th May which is good news but now we're in the limbo state of waiting *groan* We'll still go to CAMHS but just not as often now, her next appointment in not until March now.

With Stevie we had a good session again talking about how he felt over Christmas. Within the session Cathy (the psychologist at CAMHS) realised that Stevie may have what she called "anchorage" issues within his sensory issues. By this she means that when he sits down anywhere there is quite a bit of him that needs to be in contact with the chair etc. She gave him a situation where if he could choose where to sit in a room a) on the floor in the middle of the room or b) against the wall what would he choose; he chose b) against the wall, then promptly laid out flat on the floor and become such a more relaxed person that we could see the change in him straight away which was really weird to see from my point of view as a parent.

Since then I've also had a meeting with Becca's teacher and the SENCO to update them with what was discussed at CAMHS plus to ask them how they were dealing with Becca during the day ie what sort of help were they putting in place for her etc. Found out that she has just been moved up in Maths which is brill but no great surprise as she really loves and enjoys this subject. I was also told that in all lessons she is on a table where there is always an adult member of staff be it teacher or teaching assistant but they aren't classing this as help for her *duh me thinks it is* Becca has always struggled with her spellings and this is becoming more apparent over the last few months but the school aren't at the moment treating it as a problem; they're trying to say there isn't a problem but I know for a fact there is a problem. What she struggles with is the understanding of what the word means then having to put that knowledge of the word into a viable constructive sentence. Gonna give until the end of the month trying what was discussed today but somehow I don't think its gonna work. Poor Becca is also scared to tell her teacher when she is in pain for fear of being disbelieved; this stems from the treatment she got from her old school where they didn't appear to take her fears and anxieties seriously so now she is left with the feeling that teachers won't believe her when she says something *sighs* the poor little lamb :(

Ending on a happy note we have also finally gotten a date for Becca's Occupational Therapy assessment appointment for the end of February this year; not bad considering she was referred back in May 2010!

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