Sunday, 2 January 2011

Who needs a man??????

We bought a chest of drawers from Ikea for our James back in October time I think but its just been sat there waiting for the right time to get time......but of course it never came around. Shock horror for the lovely box sat quietly in the corner snoozing cos I finally got around to doing it seeing as the kids Dad came around for his access time so I'm now officially off duty for a few hours hehehehehe

When we first got the box we checked it over and found there was a piece missing so we got that bit and then it just sat in the corner gathering dust. Reopened to find the paper instructions had disappeared...oh crap!!!....then had a brainwave....lets see if Ikea do their instructions online.....Hallelujah they did!!!!!!
Here follows the outcome of putting it together (our James took my photos for me). Amazingly I didn't need a swearbox and all James did help was pass me the bits I needed so all went well, from start to finish it only took just under 1hr 15mins including finding the instructions online!!! Me is quite impressed with oneself lmao!

Laid all the bits out to save searching for them

All the bits were accounted for, had a few left of panel pins though

Main frame finished minus the back

The assembly line as James called it lol :)

Yay all done just need to put the clothes away now

What I liked about these drawers is how deep they are, plenty of room
for James clothes now that he's a pre-teen

Well thanks for reading a boring subject but hey I'm impressed with myself cos I did it all on my own without a man!


  1. Well done Heather. I think we have the same drawers, but maybe slightly bigger.

  2. Good for you hunni!! whats your next DIY project? xx

  3. @Jacqui - Cheers, I've also got these in the 6drawer version.

    @lou - next diy project is to finish off painting my front room lol got started on it just before christmas then the kids had snow days and the decs went up grrr....gonna start on that after next weekend while kids are in school lol :P

  4. you should be proud of yourself!!!! well done hun!!!! :)
    - Hezz