Thursday, 13 January 2011

Becca Update

I called a meeting with Becca's class teacher and the SENCO, we had this on Tuesday afternoon. We talked about Becca's recent CAMHS visit and discussed the couple of things that came out of that regarding school plus the fact I know had a prelimanary date for her MAAT appointment (yay!!! about blinking time).

I also asked the school how they saw Becca coping with school-life as Becca had come to me with a couple of problems for her. On the whole she has an adult working on her table with her and about another 4 kids but apparently to them thats not classed as being given extra support *shakes head*; I'm just wondering how she would cope without these adults working on the table, have a hunch that her work would detoriate rapidly if this support was withdrawn..... We were also informed that she is one of the quieter kids in the class until you get her interested then she'll put her hand up and answer questions. Teacher wasn't bothered about the fact that she was one of the quieter kids; the fact that is she is quiet within school raised a red flag for me considering that they know she has the ASD and social skills problems *duh* On a good side she has just been moved up a level in Maths and she loves this class so much so teacher said she seems to come alive in this one lol ;)

I told them about how Becca was perceiving things as on Friday she told me she had been told off for not getting some work done on time within class. I asked her why she hadn't got it done and she said that her wrist was starting to hurt while she was doing the writing but was too scared to tell the teacher incase she didn't get believed. I informed them that this stems from the last school where they were quick to dismiss what she said when giving the pain in her arm as the reason for not completing work; even to the extend that they didn't ring me on several occasions when she'd asked for some pain relief >:( Becca also had a problem recently that kids in the class were saying she was going out with a lad in her class but she wasn't and the fact that they won't listen to her is getting her down (she's only 9 btw) - school's reaction "oh that just sounds like kids being kids" grrrr they made my blood boil cos they didn't seem to take into account that Becca takes things quite literally when people say things.


Because of all her problems that she will always face in life I have had to start looking for senior schools already to see what they can offer to her in the ways of support. Senior school is going to be a complete culture shock for her in the first place with having to keep changing rooms for each lesson plus having different teachers for different subjects; I think she'll cope with the latter more than the changing of rooms. I also have to take into affect that she doesn't like crowds and that the dinner time and breaktimes can be extremely busy and noisy as the kids decide to go about the school on mass. The first school I checked out today didn't seem to have enough funding to give her the help that she needs based on how she is now :( The second school although still a busy school when the kids come out of lessons have a better system for how kids move around the blocks and they keep the kids within the house blocks more for the first 3 years of their school life there which would suit Becca more; but once again the funding side of things comes into play as she currently doesn't have a statement. I don't think at the moment she needs a statement of special educational needs but the schools have less funding for kids without statements; the government are currently cutting back on the amount of statements they now issue which is fair enough as there is only so much money to go around. I have another school to go see next week and waiting for a fourth school to come back to me regarding going and chatting with them to see if they can meet her needs depending on how they issue their special needs funding.

Sorry its been a long essay today but so much information to get off my chest. Thank you for being patient and reading it all, just by visiting this page you make me grateful that you have taken the time to read it; comments are extremely appreciated as well though xxxx

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