Thursday, 30 December 2010

Apologies and updates!

Sorry I've not been updating this month, inbetween school shows, hospital appointments, stitching and Christmas didn't really have much time to be on here.

8th & 9th December

After having a 3 days off the previous week due to snow the KS1 kids put on their nativity play which was as brilliant as ever with the kids looking cute as Mary, Joseph, shepherds, animals and a big silver star. It was around this time that Stevie decided he needed to take his comfort toy with him to school so realised he wasn't handling the change in school routine very well. He took little Jerry Mouse with him as he is small enough to fit into school trouser pockets thankfully. On the Monday night they all performed to the parents, as I'm a stay at home mum I didn't go then but went during the day Wednesday and Thursday. We'd been given tickets for the Thursday but we (the ex and me) thought they were for the Wednesday, thankfully there was enough seats leftover so they let us watch it on both days - both shows were different even though it was the same script if that makes any sense. Our Stevie was a narrator, here's a couple of pictures of him.

So proud of himself

10th & 20th December

On the 10th I took Stevie for his first appointment with CAMHS and the lovely lass we see their (Cathy) went over the referral letter from a consultant at the hospital and by the end of the meeting said she thought he was showing signs of having Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) but unlike his sister wasn't sure which part of it as yet. I always thought there wasn't something quite right with Stevie just like I did with his sister but having someone confirm had a delayed reaction on me. I was fine in the office and until we got down to the car again. I rang his Dad to let him know and then as I was explaining what had happened in the appointment it hit me like a runaway train that I now have two possible autistic kids...brain just went AAARRRGGGHHH and left me feeling quite weird in some ways all weekend while the shock wore off. We went back on the 20th and during the session Cathy and Stevie were talking, apparently some of his actions he was displaying showed symptoms of ADHD as well as the ASD, this though didn't bother me as it actually makes sense with the way he is when at home or going out and about. For instance he doesn't handle going shopping into supermarkets or other medium to large shops very well, there is too much going on for him and its like having information overload so he gets distracted extremely quickly and all the way around the shop. Yet if he gets taken round the shops in his old buggy he's fine apart from wanting to know what we're going to be doing next; have to keep repeating which shops we're going to and what I need in there, not allowed to go in a shop that wasn't on the list unless he suddenly needs a drink or a biscuit. When others ask me how it feels to cope with it all I explain it as having a 2½yr old in a 6½yr old  body.

We were also advised in the first session of CAMHS that he might respond to visual aids as when Cathy spoke with Stevie he explained that he gets confused when told something but if someone shows him he understands more especially when its a teacher. Did my homework and this is what we came up with:

This is our bedtime routine; its stuck on the board with velcro
then we can change the pictures from morning to night-time

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