Tuesday, 30 November 2010


We here on Teesside have had the snow since Wednesday evening/Thursday morning. Kids are loving it and even though my daughter has her painful wrist due to her HMS she's enjoying playing out in it. To avoid too much after pain I'm limiting her to an hour at the most in the cold. We've had several heavy snowfalls over the last few days, we should have been due some overnight last night but it doesn't appear to have been as heavy. Both the schools my kids go to are open as normal which is good as the kids aren't gonna be home and getting bored; the senior school was open as normal from 8.50am but the primary school isn't opening until 10am to give staff a chance to get in so there is the correct ratio staff:students which is fair enough.

On Saturday we went to the birthday party of my Godtwins and a great time was had by all that managed to brave the snow and attend. My car was clear of snow when I parked up at 11.30am but by the time we went to leave just after two hours later I had to de-snow the car again as it had about 2-3 inches of snow on it *completely awestruck at how much came down*

Haven't managed to capture my daughter in the snow yet but here are some photos of the snow from the last few days:

The snowball was launched by youngest towards oldest.....

Back of the head mwahahahaha!!!!!!!!!
Take care everyone in this snow and cold weather.....if you haven't received it yet in the UK you will over the next week or so!!!


  1. Aww cool pics. It looks so pretty till you have to go outside.

  2. yep tell me about it and more has come down again today. think we've had a months supply come down in one blinking day grrrrr

  3. Hi,
    The snow has been great here for the 1st few days with my 2 enjoying it , we had about 3 foot,
    Your family pics are great,
    Take care

  4. hi tracey. we're now getting fed up with the snow.....its been on the ground for 12 days now :(