Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Updates Galore!

Sorry no updates for a few weeks its been a busy month with appts etc.

First of the updates is that my daughter went for her appointment with her therapist the other day and we got told that she is going for her multi-agency autism team appointment hopefully sometime in May 2011. I know this seems a long way off but it takes this long as there is so many people being referred now.  My youngest son has also been referred to the same therapist as they seem to think he has similar problems so that should be fun "dissecting" him as well as my daughter. His problems are different to hers but the doctor we saw in the development clinic only a matter of weeks ago seems to think that it could be under the same ASD umbrella of things. With him following instructions are harder for him to do than with her, not sure if that is because he is younger or not.

Bedtime the last few nights has been horrendous and has been getting worse and worse since we put the clocks back an hour at the end of October. It getting harder and harder to get the youngest to go to sleep when he's put in his bed at 7.30pm. Daughter is going up at 8.30pm and son is still awake but then causes problems by talking to her or shouting down what she is doing. Then my eldest one goes up between 9pm and 9.30pm, last two nights all 3 kids have still been wide awake at 10.30pm!!!!! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! With my sciatic nerve playing me up as well the last few days the going up and downstairs to try to get them to go to sleep has not been fun....some people pay good money to go to Step Aerobics, perhaps I should start hiring out my stairs at bedtime for people to use as their exercise :P

Anyway enough of my whinging, here's another update on my stitching that I've been doing lately:

I'm working on the backstitch on the pink flower at the moment then I'll move onto the other flower that is missing from the bottom left corner. I've also been finishing off the knitting up of a baby jacket to go with one that I've already completed for my Godtwins who are going to be 1 year old at the end of the month; where has their year gone, this time last year I was still taking their mum for her ante-natal appointments on a Wednesday morning lol ;) mind it meant that I got to work on a beautiful piece of cross-stitch for my brother of an army man (he's ex-army). Here's the completed Army Man for your enjoyment:

I'll post a picture of the baby jackets when I've finished sewing up the seams and put the buttons on.

Hope you all keep well xxxx

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  1. That flowery one is stunning, and the army man is really cute.