Thursday, 28 October 2010

Stitchy Time

Just thought I would share with you my latest stitchy project. I'm doing a cushion for my mum on Union Linen which feels a bit like a heavy duty evenweave almost hessian style fabric.

This is a picture from the front of the kit and what its supposed to look like

These next few pictures give you an idea of what progress I've made on it so far. I started it on 25th August this year and been slowly working on it over the last couple of months. There has been times when I haven't worked on it for a week or two.

This was the first dahlia and  border completed
including the backstitch on the main flower;
the backstitch didn't half make the difference
stopped it looking so flat

the little flower at the side will be repeated  in the bottom
left hand corner once i've completed the other dahlia

This is the start of the second dahlia;
its what I call a double flower as there are two
rings of petals. The inner ring is complete and I'm
working on the outer ring now. There is a border to
go around this as well, then a little flower to the
left of this before I make it up into a cushion.

Happy stitching everyone, thanks for reading xxxx


  1. Looking really good Heather, you're making great progress on it.

  2. Wow, I really love the flowers and colours in them!

  3. cheers Nina. i really must get another update blog written up. hopefully get it done tonight