Tuesday, 19 October 2010

An introduction to me

Hi there everyone just thought I'd introduce myself a bit with this being my first blog.

I am 34 and a single mum to 3 kids a son aged 11years, a daughter aged 9years and another son aged 6years. My main interests are procrastinating on facebook (which somedays can take longer when it decides to go on a go slow lol), cross-stitching, knitting and crochet. I also like to sit and soak in the tub with a good book, if I have to "top-up" the bath its a good book :P

This blog will be mainly how I have coped with the day-to-day problems of my daughter and younger son, as well as my crafting as I go along. Any medical opinions expressed in this blog are not to be taken as black & white information as this is just how I see things and how I understand my children.

My daughter is currently being assessed by CAMHS to see if she has Aspergers Syndrome. She has problems with social skills and sees situations differently to others which can cause problems. CAMHS are being great with us and giving us the tools we require to help live with her outbursts and sensory issues. We've been with CAMHS since June and now (October) I can start telling when she is having problems dealing with things as her tantrums get worse. Her behaviour has improved since we changed primary schools this summer; seeing as the headteacher at her old school decided that my daughter doesn't have Autism and that I should never have contacted CAMHS as she is just manipulating me to get her own way mmmmmm me thinks he should go back to teacher training school cos he certainly isn't trained as a psychologist as far as I'm aware! On top of this going on my daughter also suffers from Hypermobility Syndrome (HMS) which she is affected by it in her knees, hips (including fluid on her left hip), shoulders and wrists. The HMS causes her to have pains not only in her joints but also to get muscles cramps especially in her calfs, thighs and soles of her feet. It is hard to see any child in pain but when you know that they have to learn to live with it for the rest of their natural lives its more so especially when the medication that they are on doesn't touch the pain that they are in. Lets just say we are not looking forward to the winter; we've already a coldish snap of weather which has resulted in her getting pains in her right leg already and we've been told by the weather forecasters that we may get snow in the next few days.....me and my daughter are both going AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! and it hasn't even landed on the ground yet as we both know how painful her day is gonna be for her :(

My youngest son has just been referred to CAMHS by his paediatrician from the Development Clinic as he is presenting with problems related to social skills side of ASD. He also has been diagnosed with some HMS in his wrists and thumbs which would explain some of his problems with his school work. His teacher has been saying that he is slow at completing his work and he has complained that his hands hurt when writing.....now we know why.

My eldest son is a bright boy (he finished primary school with Level 5b/5a for his SATs results). He is also musically talented and can remember tunes very well once he has started learning them. He plays a 3/4 violin but is able to play a keyboard which he has semi-self taught himself to do. He is very good on the keyboard at working out a tune if he has heard it and can play several tunes from memory with no music in front of him. He still has his moments though; the term I use with him at times is "for one so bright you can be so dumb", this is not meant in a derogative way its just that he can do the most stupidest of things at times!

I am currently working on a cross-stitch pattern which will be turned into a cushion cover for my mum. Hopefully it will be finished before Christmas as I hope to give it to her as a present. In future blogs I will post some pictures of it as I go along; can't find the camera cable at the moment.

Hope I haven't bored anyone so far, take care everyone xxx


  1. Great blog hon... I don't normally follow blogs, but yours might be the first one that I do :) CSG x

  2. thanks CSG hope you enjoy the tears and laughter that will come in the future xxx

  3. Really enjoyed reading your blog and I have learnt alot about you in the past 5 mins,keep up your brilliant work,you do a wonderful job with your children

  4. thank you emma i'm hoping i do a good job with the kids but somedays it just feels like i'm banging my head against the brick wall :P

  5. Heather, thank you for sharing your blog with us.
    I had seen some posts about your concerns for your daughter, but even though I felt bad, I didn't understand, nor wanted to seem nosey by asking. Now I understand better. You are a great mother. I hope by blogging it will relief some of your stress.

  6. thanks amber feel free to ask questions at anytime on future blogs if you don't understand something. ignorance is the worst thing i suffer with people regarding ASD, because they don't know the information they seem to think your kids are just naughty and they lack discipline but that couldn't be further from the truth hun xx

  7. Really enjoyed reading your blog.