Friday, 22 October 2010

Daily battles...ho hum!

The morning battles are not getting any easier, from the moment I am up until 9am I feel like I'm a horrible mum to my kids...constantly asking them to do something (sometimes repeating myself several times over), constantly reminding them what the next stage is, reminding them how much longer we've got until we have to leave, seperating the fighting factions and so on.....there is many a morning I wake up and think "oh no not another school day argh!" because I know what is ahead of me before I even get up. Don't get me wrong guys I love my kids to pieces and wouldn't be without them just I am mentally worn out after being up and awake for about 60-90 minutes.....I'm so glad that I don't work because come 9am Mon-Fri I am absolutely no use to an employer as it feels like I have already taken on a days full of stress in the short time I have been up. In some respects I love weekends and school holidays as I don't have the stress of attempting to get them up, dressed and out of the door.

I know this will make me sound like an ungrateful mother but nothing could be further from the truth.

The normal routine is as thus:
7.30am Alarm goes off and I wake all 3 kids. Followed by umpteen asking of the kids to get up - they are normally all up and downstairs by 7.50am. I then spend the rest of the time reminding the youngest two kids to get their pjs off, then to put their pants on, followed by vests, t-shirts and trousers (middle child will NOT under any circumstances wear a skirt or dress even though I have tried and tried......its a sensory thing). Then we have the fight with youngest one to actually put his socks on instead of using them as either a weapon to hit his sister with or two swing them in the air like an old fashioned football rattle. Then each morning its a fight over what they're going to have for breakfast (oldest kid is fine he'll just help himself and is out the door for school now he's at senior school)....daughter always wants sandwiches with Nutella in but no butter/flora etc...youngest is not allowed to have the same as her cos its HER Nutellla and HE isn't allowed any *rolls eyes* she now thinks I've got two different jars mwahahaha or if she is really kicking off then youngest will have to have strawberry jam. Then we spend 10 minutes attempting to get school shoes on with being reminded too many times that the shoes need to be put on whilst I'm reminded by daughter that her shoes aren't shoes they are actually boots!!!

You'd think by now they'd have run out of steam but no not these two (I might well be running of fumes by now but not them, I'm sure the breakfast gives them a second wind). Can get the car loaded with school bags and front door locked but these two are normally running around the close on the pavement pretending to be trains...I might hasten to add that whilst this is happening they won't answer me until I tell them its time to get the trains into the station (the station being the car)...then daughter won't like that the car seat belt has gotten itself twisted or that son has got in and accidentally knocked her (but she thinks its on purpose)...then they can snipe at each other all the way in the 5 minute journey to school (me...I turn the radio on, turn the volume up and sing to it to try to drown their noise out...only way I can concentrate enough for the journey). Yes I know that walking them to school would be healthier and possibly tire them out enough for a small amount of time but its actually safer taking them in the car. Youngest won't hold my hand without a fight, if not holding my hand he'll run off in front followed by daughter not to be out done as to who can run the furthest first! Neither will answer me when I try and call them back because of the road...they have no sense even at 9 and 6 that there might just be a car wanting to come along the road when they want to cross, this is not for wanting of trying over the years.

Well enough of me blog is about the decorating I've been managing to do whilst kids have been at school this week. Take care readers xxxx

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