Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Bedtime frustration

Tonight I have felt like I've been a tape on constant replay by repeating over and over and over the same instructions to the kids! This is the same feeling I have most nights so not surprisingly I dread the bedtime hour or two or three.....

It will start with me asking my youngest son to get undressed but of course listening to mum is not the cool thing to do so I have to get his attention and tell him it time to get undressed for bed. We then have to break this down into take your shoes off, take your jumper off, take your t-shirt off........ this is repeated several times at each stage whilst trying to get daughter to do the same thing!

They will both be asked to do this going into the double figure number of times.....it leaves you so frustrated but you know you can't show them that you're frustrated as they won't understand that I'm getting frustrated and irritated with it all so then you get frustrated that they don't understand you...vicious circle number one coming up lol :P

Eventually two youngest are in bed. Youngest son is normally dead to the world once I managed to get him into bed and all covered up. Just wondering how many times I'll be asking the other two to be quiet and go to sleep......mmmmm me thinks it could be quite a few but hey surprises are nice to have lol

Daughter has gone to bed with painkillers as the HMS is already starting to cause problems tonight in her legs as we have had a sudden drop in temperature today and tonight...weather forecast is for freezing temperatures overnight......something made me check the boiler and the sodding gas has ran out so gotta put the emergency credit on til the morning, b****cks!!!!!! - Emergency Credit now on both the Gas and the Electric argh!!!!

Eldest one is the one who causes me the most grief at bedtimes though. Lets see tonight how many times he comes down with one excuse or another as to why he can't just go straight to bed and damn well stay there!!! Tonight's excuse number one was that he reckons he wet the bed last night but I know he didn't tell me this morning otherwise i would have changed it after doing the school run. (he sometimes wets the bed as he has had constipation from being a small child but now we are getting enuerisis (wetting) as well..lets hope he grows out of it)

Now off to change some bedding and then hopefully sort out my front room so that I can decorate it tomorrow with some help from a friend as I've got to wallpaper one wall and if we get finished in time i might just start on the emulsion that is going on the rest of the room. Night night friends and foes xxxx

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  1. Really enjoyed reading it Heather. XX :-)