Friday, 22 October 2010


After the stress of the kids I have managed to destress with a bit of painting and wallpapering. My late father taught me many years ago to decorate while I was a teenager and still living at home. He taught many a good skill that I still use today whether it be decorating or doing general DIY around the house or even just simple gardening.

My lounge has been in need of redecorating for sometime now but I finally found the time to get around to it. Started on Monday with a bit of glossing of the dado rail and skirting boards with a soft cream which has complimented the cream/peach colour wallpaper I managed to get up on Wednesday with some help from a good friend. The tin of gloss has done well as its already managed to previously gloss a bedroom and think I had about 2/3 of a tin left over when I started on the lounge. The wallpaper I bought months ago when on a visit to B&Q, now I can't help snatching a bargain up so when I saw 5 rolls of discontinued wallpaper (all from the same batch I hasten to add) reduced from £8 a roll to just £1 a roll I couldn't resist. They've sat in the cupboard in the garage for a couple of months but I've now got enough left over after doing the lounge to do the dining end of my kitchen/diner. I'm in the process of putting light terracotta emulsion on the walls as well as taking the gloss further around the room.

Yesterday I had a right numpty blonde day which is good considering I aint a blonde :P

Numpty Moment No1  Now I knew I'd painted the doorframe with the gloss and had moved along the wall to do the dado and skirting board further round, was busy concentrating away when the mobile went off in the kitchen. On me way through to answer I decided to trip over the stool that was in front of me....put me hand out and guessed numpty episode number 1 put me hand right out to grab the wet door frame!!! I didn't half calle meself  a few choice words lol didn't have anyone else to blame cos I knew I'd left the stool there AND the doorframe was wet..didn't stop me though hehehe

Numpty Moment No2  Put our tea in the oven and was that busy chatting on facebook I forgot to set the timer duh! I'd thankfully set my status to let my friends know as somedays we all share online what we're having for there I am playing on facebook thinking errr what time did i put that casserole in? Oh I know I'll check my status lol to see when it went in hehe

Numpty Moment No3  Shared the moment No2 with everyone and having a good laugh at myself as well...went to stir the casserole and as I went down on my haunches to check it I went and split me trousers argh!!! wasn't just a little bit it was a massive great big airvent lmao

Really think after yesterday that I should just go and dye my hair blonde next time the greys get too much lol

Well no that everyone is having a good laugh I'll bid you goodnight my friends. Wish you all a good weekend, mine will be a fun one as I'm having my God Twins for the day while my best friend and husband are moving house. I can't physically help with the move but I can help by taking these gorgeous little bundles for the day so that they don't have to worry about keeping them amused and trying to feed them around people going in and out with furniture etc. I'll return them by teatime by which time the main stuff in the house should be in place for them like cots etc xxxx


  1. Hope the decorating is coming along well.

  2. yeah just need to finish off the window bit and then give it the second coat