Friday, 19 November 2010

Children In Need 2010 - Show your spots!!!

Just thought I'd share some beautiful pictures that I was allowed to take this morning lol :P

It shows just what can be done to a plain t-shirt and shirt with some colourful pens and a bit of imagination :D

These pictures are of my daughter and my youngest son - eldest one wasn't getting dressed for the occasion lol

Enjoy your day!!!!


  1. Hi , my Daughter picked your name out of the draw to win the stamps . If you could contact me with your details please , then I'll get them in the post for you .
    Thanks ,
    Cath (The Stitchin Chicken)

  2. thank you Cath much appreciated, sent the email earlier tonight. your news came at a good time as i've just had 3 bad days of behaviour from my daughter...the side effect of two days of changed routine within school ho hum lets hope next week is better xx