Thursday, 25 November 2010

A winter's tale......with a twist!

As the venturer steps outside there is a quiet eery stillness that sweeps around you as the air temperature drops to a bone chilling zero; he pulls his hat down around his ears as the clouds although high in the sky show their hidden weight and threaten to let it gently fall to the ground at the right time as they swirl across the sky in front of the moon. The venturer walks along the path as quietly and gently as he can but every step he takes it sounds louder and louder as the crispness of the snow underfoot crunches and cracks.

A gate bangs in the dark breaking the silence as a cat jumps over it on his way home to curl up somewhere warm. A distance bark reminds the venturer of the quietness as he makes his journey further along the path. The path lights up and glistens, as if a child had spilt its tub of glitter, as the moon shines through a parting in the clouds so bright there is no need for a guiding light for the path ahead. There's a rustle to the side as the night time creatures go about their business while there's no-one around.

Suddenly, the venturer feels the temperature rise a little as the clouds allow their heavy load to break through and flutter gently and silently to the ground. Soon the venturer is finding his steps are getting softer with every step taken as the crisp ground under him is transformed into a soft carpet of white velvet. He stops to admire the sereness of the world in that magical moment where he feels like he's the only soul around in a deserted town with the buildings slipping under the covers of the carpet around him.

The venturer remember his purpose and walks on enjoying the atmosphere around him. The flakes get heavier and thicker as he walks but it doesn't deter him from his mission, he knows he has to walk on through it as he is nearly there. He turns the corner and sees a warm glow appear down the road, he walks on steadily towards it; as he approaches the glow he satisfies himself it was worth his mission................ take the daft mutt round the block for his nightly walk!!!!!!


  1. this little short story was created by me!!!! it just flowed from my fingers and onto the screen, had no idea that the thought was even in there until it decided to come on out lol :P

  2. It's great Heather, well done.

  3. Hehe loved it hun. Really well written :)