Monday, 22 November 2010

Baby Matinee Jackets and sore joints

Hi there everyone, thought you might like to see the finished products of my knitting achievements. I've made these two jackets as birthday presents for my Godchildren who will be one at the weekend. The pattern I've used is a family favourite that was taught to me when I was still in primary school so I've been knitting it for about 25-26years now. The first time I knitted this pattern I made it for my school teacher who was leaving to have her first child, she was thrilled that I'd sat there and made it myself (mum had to stitch it up for me). I find this pattern is so easy to do up now that I rarely look at the pattern apart from to check if I'm still doing it right lol :P

The wool used here starts of yellow then fades to a big block of white then you get the green then it fades to the white again before going into yellow etc its a really nice ball of wool to knit with.

On another note the cold weather is already starting to play havoc with my daughter's joints. She's come home tonight with her right wrist hurting that much she can't complete her homework, then by bedtime her shoulder was starting to hurt as well. I'm just glad that at the minute its sticking to these joints and not entering her hips as this makes walking very difficult for her as her joints end up extremely painful and stiff. The pain relief that she can have as a young person doesn't even take effect against the kind of pain that she is in. Tonight she can't get to sleep because of the pain that she is in and at the moment she is at the maximum amount she can take. Paracetamol and Ibruprofen hardly touch it; the only thing that she can possibly take is codeine but that has to be used sparingly because of her age. As I'm in such a quandry as to what is the best move I've contact the out of hours doctors and awaiting their help to make a decision over her pain relief. It hurts me to see my daughter in so much pain at such a young age :(


  1. Those matinee jackets are gorgeous Heather. I'm really sorry about Becca being in so much pain. You'd think they'd have something stronger to give her that wouldn't give her too many bad side effects. I have codeine for my bad back but it's crap and doesn't work on me either. I hope she feels better soon.

  2. cheers jacqui, yeah i thought by now there'd be something for her as well. oh well will see what the out of hours say when the doc rings me back