Monday, 30 May 2011

Mother Nature to the naughty step please!!!!!!

Had to have a trip upto A&E last night as nasty Mother Nature blew our gate shut! Nothing spectacular about a gate being blown shut......unless a 10 year old's left wrist just happens to become the filling in the gate/gatepost sandwich!

Heard the gate rattle as if it had shut then heard the blood curdling scream of our Becca!!!!!

Tears running down her face she couldn't say anything as the pain in her wrist was so horrendous. Made her keep it under running water for at least 5mins while I got the ice-pack sorted.

Now with Mother Nature on the naughty step for making the gate bang on her wrist, in steps Horrible Meany Mother. I thought she'd be fine after the ice-pack and it would settle down, uh oh not this time! Two hours later she's still looking a bit pale and isn't using her left hand, I know the answer but I ask the question "Does it still hurt sweetie?", we get a very upset Becca slowly nodding and she says "Can the doctor have a look?"

Off we go to the hospital, thankfully we didn't have a major wait to be seen in triage who packed us off to x-ray. Went and had the "pretty pictures" taken of her hand, she handled it quite well actually considering that when they moved her hand she was almost on the ceiling!

Got back to the triage area and the pics were already there - they send them electronically now which means no more sneaking a peek! The Doctor showed us where she broke it and she's got if I remember rightly a splinter fracture on her 5th Metacarpal. The nurse that came and put her cast on was lovely and helpful, he went to put this netting thing on but it itched Becca straight away. Told him about her being on the spectrum and had sensory issues, his reply was well then we'll just take it off and put this cotton wool on to keep your arm warm instead then. Becca was full of questions of whats that? whats that for? why do you do that? he def had his hands full hehehe and he didn't appear to mind answering the battery of questions. She told him he was awesome when she found out he helped saved lives as well as put plastercasts on bless her. The only time she got in a flap over it was when some of the excess wet plaster got on her trousers!!!!

In total was in and out including getting cast on within 1¾ hours which must be a record considering it was just after teatime! This is the pot she has on until Wednesday afternoon when we go back for fracture review, she's only got a back-slab (half cast) at the moment and is coping better with I thought she would:


  1. aww bless her - that must have been SO painful :( I hope it heals quickly for her. Naughty mother nature indeed!!!

  2. I'm hoping so too Pippa, in the meantime Calpol and Brufen to the rescue