Thursday, 12 May 2011

OMG I've left it how long since my blog!!!!!

Hi there followers, I'll start with apologies for my absence but here goes with my update for the last couple of months.

First update is that Becca's pain that she incurred back in the beginning of February didn't disappear until just before Easter. She ended up having an x-ray then an MRI done to find there was nothing in the soft tissue of the knee which was quite a relief. It was decided between the Orthopedic and the Rheumatologist that her kneecap kept subfluxing (partial dislocation) and this was causing her the pain and discomfort as well as the inability to walk on it fully. She had to use elbow crutches to get around for best part of 2½ months because of the pain. She had to have some physiotherapy to help stretch the muscles as they had shortened while she couldn't/wouldn't walk on it; poor Becca was in a catch 22 situation she wouldn't walk on the knee as it kept "clunking" with each subflaxion but then due to the pain this caused her she couldn't walk on it. She was also dosed upto the eyeballs with pain relief which most of the time didn't kill the majority of the pain :'(  so sad for someone so young.

Becca had an assessment by an Occupational Therapist (OT) back in February and it was decided that one of his colleagues would come and work out in the community with Becca at school. This started this week and she seemed to enjoy it, each session lasts between 30-60 minutes. The OT has referred Becca to the Wheelchair Services because she has mentioned to him that she gets tired quite a lot in her legs due to the Hyper Mobility Syndrome (HMS), we should have been to see that but it has been postponed while they wait for her consultant to get back to them.

We've also found out that our Stevie has HMS in his shoulders, hips, wrists and fingers. It has been decided at the moment that he doesn't need any physiotherapy but we will see how this goes in the future. The physiotherapist did say thought that Stevie has a style of hypermobility in his shoulders called "winging" where when he puts his hand behind his back his shoulder blade extends further than it should do due to the amount of hypermobility in it.

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