Thursday, 19 May 2011

We have a results!!

Tried to post on here the other day but blogger decided to go offline, so take two on telling you the results we've had lately ;)

First up on the 12th May we had our Multi-agency Autism Assessment Team (MAAT) clinic appointment, at this appointment we found out that our Becca was formally diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum and that we would now be passed from CAMHS to the Autism Outreach Team (AOT). We also got asked to sign a form to allow consent for the diagnosis to be passed onto the AOT and school. Over the weekend we received the official paperwork from the MAAT clinic which says that Becca has been diagnosed with the clarification of Aspergers Syndrome.

We went into school this morning to speak with the Deputy Head about a school trip that Becca is partaking in tomorrow and the attitude towards us has changed considerably from 7-10 days ago when we asked for some help smoothing little details out for the trip. Why should it take a "label" of a diagnosis for them to start helping Becca more by explaining in detail what is going to happen on the trip to Whitby????

Our other result is that we now have a referral for a Wheelchair Assessment which was instigated by our Occupational Therapist (OT). We're just awaiting some further feedback from the consultants/gp then we will get our appointment. This is a major breakthrough for us as Becca really struggles on long days out like a day out at Whitby etc. Will keep you posted as and when there is an update on this.

Take care everyone and keep smiling, will hopefully have some lovely pictures to show you in my next posting from the trip to Whitby. School have agreed that I can meet her towards the end of their trip to collect Becca and take her the long way round to the church at the top of the hill, this is because otherwise she would have a walk of 199 steps to get to the church.

Love and hugs to one and all, thanks for reading xxxxx


  1. Aaaww im so glad you finally got the diagnosis but I soooo know what you mean bout the label:/

  2. it made all the difference today as the school couldn't have been more understanding when it came to her needs, thank god for that!!!