Monday, 23 May 2011

A sad day on Saturday......... we got a very unexpected phone call to say that one of our Mum's cats had been found dead in a neighbour's garden.

As a family we had decided to go to a local charity football match to benefit Cash For Kids (they help disabled and disadvantaged kids) but just as the 2nd half kicked off I got a phone call to say that a neighbour had found poor Felix (she was only 17mths old) in another garden. We took her to the vets and when they examined her they said it looked like she'd been hit by a vehicle which ended up in multiple broken ribs, an injury on the underside of her left hip and unfortunately internal bleeding.

As a parent I didn't know how my kids would take the news of Felix passing but they have on the whole taken it fairly well. When we got the phone call we told the kids straight away and Becca got upset which is completely understandable but it went straight over Stevie's head - almost as if it hadn't happened. When we were at our mum's Becca got a bit clingy and curled up with my brother and my ex (the kids dad) while I sorted things out with the vet, whereas with Stevie he just went in and played with his pot of Duplo as if nothing had happened which was quite surreal.

Thought that the kids had taken it quite well considering their Autism and possible Autism; Becca had a small problem falling asleep but was ok once Daddy had curled up with her for a bit, then later on Stevie came down saying he felt unwell on the inside as well as being a little bit sad still about Felix    :( bless them but they did go off to sleep ok in the end. Today Becca has been subdued and Stevie has spent the majority of the day glued to his DSi in his own little world.

Just want to end this posting with some piccies of Felix to share with you as she was a gorgeous little pusscat; Felix and Tiggy (her brother) were the only two kittens born to their litter and have spent all their lives so far together as my mum chose to have both kittens. Poor little Tiggy is wondering round wondering where his sister is and just can't fathom out why she's not coming home.

RIP Felix 01/12/09 - 21/05/11 you will be missed by all who you knew you xx


  1. Its odd you say about the surreal reaction, when my uncle passed away in February my son was broken hearted and actually in pieces as he was really close to him but you wouldn't know cos his surreal way to deal with it was block it out n you would find him on the ps3 but talking (to uncle Johnie :/) was surreal :/ R.I.P. little Felix.

  2. thanks emma its weird how they react