Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Its 2012!!!

I've had a busy few months since i last properly posted on here. Here's a few photos to show you:

This is one of two blankets I made for my friend who had twins and lives on Vancouver Island, Canada

Then I started making some teddies like this one in various colours including a rainbow one.
I posted this teddy on my Facebook account and ended up with people requesting them
so I made a page up called Handmade by Stitchy, please feel free to stop by.
A pig
A rainbow one (with the new 2012 ear tag)
A puppy

I got asked if I would do a bespoke piece of cross-stitch for someone's partner, this is the result of several weeks of discussions to see what he wanted after he'd given me the description brief of what he wanted in it.

Now I'm doing an order for 3 blankets, one cot size and two pram size so that should keep me busy for a bit as then i've got another order for a puppy and rainbow teddy.

I have also decided it time to do battle with the bulge again so as of Sunday just gone I'm back on the Weight Watchers, will keep you guys posted on my weight loss. Take care wherever you are at the moment as there is some really really strong winds around at the moment xx


  1. Aw, these teddies are just adorable! Well done on all your other finishes too! They are amazing! x

  2. yay rachel :) welcome aboard lol ;)