Monday, 9 January 2012

week 1

Wow!!!!! What a week to start the year with!!!!!!

Kids went back to school on Wednesday which means the normal routine is back in place, yippee!!!! no more "I'm bored Mum!" or "he won't let me play mum!" or "GET OUT!!!!!" being shouted across the landing/down the stairs!!! I love school for the chance to recharge my batteries, unfortunately school brings its own problems but at least I'm used to dealing with them now :)

In all honesty school hasn't been a problem this week and our Becca actually made it to the newsletter on Friday as well. Go Becca! Go Becca! Go Becca!

Our Becca goes to a dancing school on a Saturday and has been given details of auditions for two local shows where they need an amount of children in the cast. One of the auditions should have been on Wednesday night after school, unfortunately when we got their we got told the production company had to cancel due to personal health. Now with Becca you can't normally change a plan of action at such short notice due to her Aspergers but she coped brilliantly with the news. The dancing school owner said that our Becca could join in with the Drama class that she runs on a Wednesday as a norm, left Becca and when she came out she was beaming from ear to ear asking if she can go again next week as she enjoyed it that much!!! I'm so impressed that she not only coped with the change but also embraced the chance and has now found a new love to indulge in. The Drama class will help her with her social skills as she can hide behind a character within the class which makes her come out of her shell as the character is being judged and not her (if that makes sense).

This week I also decided to make a collage of the pictures my friend sent me at Christmas from Vancouver of her and her young family:

I love seeing these pictures every day as I walk through the front room. Thank you Heather for sharing a little bit of you with me, it has given me the idea to do something similar for my own 3 kids when I get the chance.

Another accomplishment this week is that I have managed to finish off blanket number 1 out of an order for 3 from Handmade By Stitchy and here it is:

Sun is shining and radio is on so I'm off to make a cuppa and enjoy the peace that school brings lol and work on blanket number 2. TTFN xxxx