Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Stevieism!

Conversation with Stevie from Tuesday.

STEVIE: What's for tea mum?
ME: Pizza and chips
STEVIE: (said excitedly) Oh good chippies.....(said with a grin on his face) I love eating buildings!!!!
ME: Buildings?? What do you mean??
STEVIE: Chippies are buildings Mum so we're having pizza and buildings for tea!

I love the way my Stevie can turn a simple conversation into a howler!!!

Stevie & Becca on New Years Eve, trust Becca to notice the
camera and pull a funny face lmao


  1. My son sits like that with the same look on his face lol and buildings r my favorite too yummy xx its me maxi (handcuffs) posting but only let me do it as anonymous lol x