Monday, 16 January 2012

week 2

Been a so so week for the schools this week apart from finding that my eldest is behind on some of his subjects. The school have set a level of standard that he should be working at for the end of the year but they seem to be expecting him to be near this level already. If they didn't set his levels so high then he might actually have a chance of making his targets, mind due two of his subjects he said that he gets bored in the class so doesn't pay attention.......that to me is a teacher problem not a student problem and I will be making an appointment to see these two teachers with our James to see what can be sorted out between us. If they don't make a lesson interesting I can't see why or how they can blame the student for not maintaining the correct level of attainment that is set.

On Monday night our Becca went for an audition for a stage play but unfortunately she was unsuccessful this time. I thought she might take it worse than she did but she came out quite composed and didn't seem too bothered. The experience of doing the audition was a first for her and at least now she has something to work on and build up from.

Tuesday night was orchestra night for our James. He has been playing violin now for several years and he really enjoys his weekly orchestra sessions. He is in the senior group I think and plays either in the 2nd Violin or the 3rd Violin section depending on what the music the conductor has chosen for them to play requires. He is there for 1½hours so I always go prepared with something to do and a flask of tea as the hall is rather on the cool side after school hours. This week I took my crocheting with me and finished off some granny squares that would become part of a pram size blanket. This is the finished article:


Wednesday after school Becca went to her Drama class for the second week running and thoroughly enjoyed so def well worth the £4.50 a lesson. I went off shopping at one of our local retail parks while she was busy, got myself some more wool for the next blanket.....yet another pink and white one, it'll be the third one of a set of 3 that was ordered.

Unfortunately, Thursday evening was not a good night for our Becca as her and James argued and a door got slammed onto her shoulder joint leaving it a bit sore and stiff. With her HMS accidents like this don't heal as quickly as you and me so even now she is suffering with some residual pain from it :( She has been excused from doing PE until it no longer hurts as they are doing gymnastics at the minute and a wrong fall at school could more than likely make her shoulder take even longer to recover.

As a family we also got some bad news on Friday, we found out that one of our local police horses had passed away. It was our Becca's favourite one and she cried buckets when we told her, there was no real right or wrong time to tell her as we knew it would break her heart either way. The police officers that look after the stables are really good and let us go up and see the horses on a Sunday morning so we went up to see the others. She really enjoys being up there and comes right out of her shell so to speak even to extend that she allows the officers to have a bit of a laugh with her without her taking it to heart like she would if the ribbing came from her brothers or family. She is getting better with a couple of the horses and is starting to really fuss them now by stroking them, I'm hoping that next time we go up she might let her new favourite one eat a carrot or an apple from her hand.

These following pictures are from a few years ago RIP Blue xxx

This was taken a couple of years ago but it is of Becca with her
favourite horse Blue that passed away

This was taken the same day with her brothers James (L) & Stevie (R).
The police officer with them is Vicky who was Blue's rider at the time.

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